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Eddie Mannis:

Fiscally Conservative.

State Representative in District 18, which includes west and northwest Knoxville as well as parts of western Knox County. This rapidly-growing area needs a strong voice in Nashville as we address some serious issues. The next legislative session will deal with the aftermath of COVID-19. We will be working through the impact it is having on the economy and on people across Tennessee.

I’ve faced many difficult situations as a business owner, including the depths of the Great Recession. In the current crisis, I’m leading my organization as it pivots to supply individuals and businesses with face masks. As your representative, I will bring that same innovative passion as lawmakers work to make the recovery as fast and thorough as possible, within the framework of a balanced budget. I will ensure we address the difficult situation created for businesses as well as meet the needs of hard-working Tennesseans who have been hurt by this sudden economic downturn.
Eddie with his family: Sister Jan, Brother Robby, Dad Cecil, Eddie, Sister LeeAnn